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Let the fun begin…Official Schedule Has Dropped


ICYMI: We’ve recently released the official performance schedule for AOCFEST and the streets are all abuzz! 

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, make sure you take a few moments to review and plan out your weekend!  The beauty of AOCFEST is that you get to create your own personalized festival experience!

Access granted

Your festival pass grants you access to all the shows on the particular day purchased and you choose who you see! Once you trade your ticket for your wristband, you can now proceed to each of the six venues to take in as much or as little music as you prefer.

Get the most out of AOCFEST

To get the most out of your festival experience we recommend trying out an artist you may have never heard of. Ask any veteran attendee and you can always count on the festival curation to bring you talented artists that will eventually become some of your favorites (even if you never heard them before).

Ready to select your personal schedule? Follow the link and get your squad on board for a great weekend of music! http://aocfestival.com/schedule