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Cover the Coolest Festival Around

Welcome members of the media to The Art of Cool Festival 2019 taking place Friday, September 27 through Sunday, September 29 in downtown Durham! AOCFEST is one of the hottest tickets of the year. Thank you for your interest in covering our festival. In order to be considered for coverage, please apply for approval. We do a thorough vetting process before approving press credentials.

AOCFEST 2019 defines "Media" as: journalists, photographers, editors, or producers assigned to cover the Festival for a specific media outlet (print, radio, TV) generating original content or reviews for entertainment, music, news, travel purposes, etc. “Media” can also include bloggers, web journalists, influencers, relevant aggregation sites, etc. with significant following and relevant content. Traffic must exceed 10,000 unique visits per month and minimum 5,000 followers. Bloggers should be prepared to submit verification of analytics.

You are submitting this application to be considered to cover 2019 AOCFEST related events. There will be ONE media credential valid at all 6 venues and during all 2019 AOCFEST events.

Committed to the quality implementation of our festival, our patrons and the sensitive nature of artists' rights, the Festival has established the following policies regarding Media Credentials and coverage:

Members of the Media must be on AOCFest 2019’s Media list in order to be considered for a Credential. Please contact Chandra@theallenlewisagency.com to be placed on the list. Include all your contact information. You must apply by September 1, 2019 to be considered for a Media Credential.

Photographers who wish to shoot for the Festival Team must submit their application by Thursday, August 29th!

AOCFest 2019 does not take Media Credential or Photographer requests and/or applications via social media.

Being on the AOCFEST media list does not automatically guarantee that you will receive Credentials to the Festival. If you have received Credentials in the past, that does not mean you will receive a Credential automatically the future. You must reapply each year to be considered. Please do not assume you automatically have one.

Members of the Media from a recognized media outlet and approved bloggers and influencers may qualify for a Media Credential. If you are applying to the Festival for the first time, please include links to previous coverage, posts, following, etc. Those with insufficient coverage and following will not be considered.

Members of the Media who are issued a Media Credential from AOCFEST must produce original content or review about AOCFEST. No exceptions. Please do not use recycled content.

Advertising personnel, marketing and sales associates, and other similar support staff do not qualify for Media Credentials. The Festival cannot issue Media Credentials to guests or family members traveling with journalists.

Generally, AOCFEST does not provide parking and/or accommodations for media.

Stations should send a letter requesting credentials for each assigned journalist.

If you are not from the Media, do not try to use other contacts you may know who are associated with AOCFEST to leverage Media Credentials.

If you are a patron who has tickets to the Festival, please do not ask for a Photo Credential. We have gotten many complaints from media and artists when a patron abuses seating and select locations to take personal pictures. Press photographers must shoot from specific areas.

If approved for a Media Credential, do not make additional requests at the door.Media Credential acceptance letters are non-transferable.

The Festival staff maintains the right to issue, deny, or revoke Media Credentials at its discretion at all times.The decision is final and cannot be appealed. Your past work will be taken into account upon assessment of your application.

ONE designated point person from your media outlet should complete this application on behalf of your organization for ALL personnel wishing to cover the event. Individual attendees should be listed within that single application. Tickets to review the show are not paired with media credentials. Review tickets are limited and are not guaranteed.

AOCFEST 2019 press credentials provide access to the following:

Access to on-site working media area(s) and press room

Reserved seating on first-come, first-served basis.

Expedited entry to venues.

Staff reserves the right to provide different levels of access based on type of outlet, reach, etc.

By submitting this application, you understand that this does not guarantee your request and that someone will contact you with an update regarding your application status.

Application Process for the 6thAnnual Art of Cool Festival, September 27-29, 2019

To apply for a Media Credential for the 6thAnnual Art of Cool Festival, the Media is asked to contact Festival staff between August 12 – September 3, 2019. After this September 3rd deadline, your request may not be considered.

We take the Credential process seriously, and so should you. If you are unable to provide the requested information, your credential application may not be honored. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

Please provide the following information:

Full names of those covering AOCFEST 2019.

Media category for each applicant: Press (print, radio, TV, or web journalism), photography, video, digital. NOTE: Journalists using any kind of recording device (audio and/or digital video) and using a detachable single-lens reflex camera (film or digital) must have a Photo Credential. Credentials are not mailed to journalists. They must be picked up at the Main Press Area at the Festival.

Specific days when you will be attending AOCFEST (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, or all weekend)

The circulation or expected readers/listeners/reach of your content

Full contact information, including address, email and cell phone for each person

The Art of Cool Festival 2019 Media Application

Verification in writing from publication editor or assignment editor to cover AOCFEST 2019. Verification must include full name and contact information for both the publication editor/assignment editor, and the applying media. If you are a self-sponsored blogger, influencer, etc., provide prior articles and related content.

Once at AOCFEST 2019, if you lose your Credential, it cannot be replaced. Treat it like cash.

Once AOCFEST concludes, please send your original content to us within 5 business days. If we don't receive original content after issuing a credential, the odds of your approval for a credential in the future will be little to none.

All correspondence and questions regarding the Media Credential process should be addressed to:

Chandra Lewis
Art of Cool Festival 2019
Cell: 248.207.0631

Questions: Chandra@theallenlewisagency.com

Members of the Media will be notified by September 9th regarding their status for Credentials for coverage of AOCFEST 2019. Please do NOT contact us with questions regarding the status of your application.

Thank you for your support of the Art of Cool Festival!

What People are Saying About AOCFEST

“The community is so supportive and inclusive and just plain dope! … I couldn’t stop gushing to my friends about how great the experience was.” - AOC Attendee
“If I had to choose one moment, one festival to relive, it’d be Art of Cool!” - Christian Scott, musician
“America’s Best Kept Secret Music Festival” -okayplayer